Adventure Lessons

A lesson system that integrates personalized math practice and social-emotional learning activities in the classroom experience

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It includes

A web-application which requires no downloads or installations
Interactive SEL-rich scenarios inspired by space adventures, ancient mythology, and many more
Physical cards as collectible items earned in practice to foster motivation and immersio

How does it work?

Each lesson consists of two parts: Interactive Storytelling and Curriculum Practice, both of which are imbued with social-emotional learning opportunities
The teacher engages students with captivating stories, incorporating logical, math, and SEL-focused questions
Students discuss challenges, make suggestions, and make decisions together, fostering skills like empathy, collaboration, and self-awareness
Curriculum Practice: Students solve math problems tailored to their skill levels to gather resources and overcome challenges
In the end, if the common task is completed, children choose tangible rewards and celebrate!

Benefits of Adventure Math Lessons

For students

Engaging, motivating approach to learning new math topics and social-emotional skills
Harmonious development of hard, soft, and social-emotional skills
Balanced screen time with class participation, promoting self-management

For teachers

Ready-to-use tool supporting various learning goals, including math and SEL
Time-saving solution that enhances student engagement and emotional intelligence
Opportunity for curriculum personalization, catering to the social-emotional needs of students at different stages
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